The Planiermeister levelling device for agriculture, viticulture and landscape engineering.


Method of operation:

The gears are driven by a drive shaft. Two robust and low maintenance chains transfer the power to the two counter-rotating rotors. The forward rotor, equipped with Hardox tools, mills and disperses the grass sods and the rear high-speed rotor that is equipped with cutting blades chops, flattens and scarifies the surface to an extremely flat level. The following back-up roller ensures optimal recompacting. The special arrangement of the pressure roller on the cutting blade rotor ensures self-cleaning.

Planiermeister in action     Levelled and unlevelled surfaces
Planiermeister in action
Levelled and unlevelled surfaces

The Planiermeister

Technical data:

  Typ 140 Typ 255
Working width: approx. 1,400 mm approx. 2,550 mm
Overall width: approx. 1,610 mm approx. 2,700 mm
Power required: approx. 36 kW approx. 50 kW

Planiermeister in action
Planiermeister in action


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