Shoot-binder Easyfix: A winemaker development for winemakers

Shoot-binder Easyfix
Shoot-binder Easyfix

The new CLEMENS shoot-binder: Protects the vineyard and its surrounding
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Before and after the use of shoot-binder Easyfix


The decomposition of the biodegradable clips after 18 months under sun impact during fall enables the mechanical removal of the yarn with a rewinder, which saves a lot of time.

Shoot-binder Easyfix
Shoot-binder Easyfix


weight: approx. 160 kg
working speed: +/- 4 km/h
Magazine capacity for clips: 300 pieces
hydraulics: 1x single-action with at least 25 liters
  pressureless return-hose + 1 double-action for the lift mast
Yarn break for initial tension
Biodegradable clips

Clip     in action
Why is the Easyfix so special?
Two rubber belts with hydraulic gear raise the vegetation. The speed is proportionally adjusted to the driving speed. The belts flexibility allows a sparing raising, so that nothing damages the vegetation.
The clipping is triggered by a button in the driver's cabin. It is done through a two-armed stitcher. The left arm is used as a magazine. It contains 300 clips that can stitch around 10 arms. A double cylinder allows the stitcher to open whilst driving around the stakes.
Yarn-break system:
The special feature is an integrated yarn-brake system coupled to an electromagnet. It is activated at the end of the row, thus tensioning the twine. After clamping the cord to the last post, it can be separated and simply knotted. The machine uses polypropylene yarn.
The machine needs at least 25 L/Min. (6,6 Gal). It will be mounted onto a Hubmast. For the operation of the shoot-binder, there is 1 single-action control device and a pressure-less return hose needed. Depending on the construction, there is 1 dw needed for the Mast, 1 dw for the lateral inclinationand 1 dw for the angular adjustment.

Shoot-binder Easyfix
Shoot-binder Easyfix


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