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HEXAGON Sub-soil fertilisation
HEXAGON Sub-soil fertilisation
Hexagon with bison tines and sowing machine.

Simultaneous fertiliser spreading in a loosened area encourages great root penetration. Soil structure is also stabilised as a result and more soil volume can be exploited.
HEXAGON Solution for micro-terraces
HEXAGON Solution for micro-terraces
The HEXAGON small grubber with two built-on S5 columns lifts for attaching devices for under-vine work , e.g. the RADIUS SL under-vine weeder, the MULTI-CLEAN mowing brush or the ROTARY BRUSH.
HEXAGON Tool carrier
Front or rearmounted and as intermediate frame for a rotary harrow or tiller.
HEXAGON Extremely robust
The solid hexagonal profiled frame is ideal for use in the toughest conditions.

The ploughshare handle owes its immense stability to the high-grade spring steel.
HEXAGON Immensely efficient
With all-around weeder RADIUS mounted on both sides, the complete row can be cultivated in a single pass.

Generously dimensioned crumbling roller ensures optimum height guidance.
HEXAGON Versatile
The attached disk harrow is eminently suitable for turning-under all plants.
Set to a flat angle, the special CLEMENS wing chisel share subsoils the plants without destroying them.
HEXAGON Loosening and aerating
For planted and bare soil, deep or shallow cultivation the soil can be cultivated throughout the year with different tool combinations.
HEXAGON Serrated disk ploughs
For efficient aeration in the sensitive area under the vines with simultaneous weed control.
HEXAGON Ecological solution
CLEMENS Hexagon with GSP and ECO-Roll mounted on the 3-point frame.

HEXAGON Vine remover
The economical way to clear vineyards.
HEXAGON Bison tines
Very good for breaking up wheel tracks, especially in cultivations with green cover.


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