The subsoilers from CLEMENS were developed specially to break up compacted areas powerfully and enduringly. The cutting action reactivates the roots so that they can finally start to grow properly again.

Subsoiler TLK 833

The soil is optimally aerated and its ability to retain water is maximized. Plants can take up nutrients more efficiently again, remain healthy and deliver higher yield! Mechanization is becoming more and more widespread in vineyards and fruit growing, resulting in more and more compacted, puddled soils which are increasingly incapable of absorbing water and nutrients. The subsoilers from CLEMENS not only break up the compacted earth, but also help to prevent the soil becoming compacted if used in good time.


Technical data:

  TLK 883 - single tine
Working depth: max. 24 in
Power required: 40 HP
Weight: 573 lbs
p.t.o. speed: 540 rpm
Frame width: 39.37 in
Width of vibrator: 14.17 in


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