July 2013

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since 1998 CLEMENS America provides solutions for the vineyard industry. With it's new homepage www.clemens-america.com you will get all information about the company and the products.
In this newsletter we present you the new A-Frame and the new Hercules. Also you will have the possibility to review our apppearance at the Intervitis 2013.

Join our Photo competition and win a gift voucher for goods up to a value of €500!

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 CLEMENS America - new homepage

This spring CLEMENS Vineyard Equipment, Inc. in USA started their own website. Managed by Thomas Clemens the office and warehouse is located in Woodland, CA wherefrom the North and South American market is covered.

In English and Spanish you will get information about CLEMENS and NOBILI products we sell in America. On the English site the technical data is given in imperial units.

Visit the new website: www.clemens-america.com

 NEW: A-Frame

The A-FRAME is a very light carrier for the attachment of devices for the under vine care, like CLEMENS-RADIUS, MULTI-CLEAN and the Rotary Brush.

The new A-Frame

 NEW: Hercules, starting 2014

Versatile field of application and robustness distinguish the HERCULES. The frame is can be twice widened and therefore covers an enormous working area of 1,45m to 2,70m (without the CLEMENS-RADIUS).
The new Hercules, starting in 2014


As part of our project planning of whole wineries worldwide we are enlarging our program of stainless steel tanks.

Save yourself the still valid early bird prices.

CLEMENS-Tank a little different for once.
For example, a stainless steel tank with a sprayed on picture.

New in our sales program are the stainless steel transport tanks ca. 1000 I (WxDxH: 1040 mm x 1000 mm x 1530 mm).

The transport tanks are for the transportation with the fork-lift as well as with the pallet truck (lifting cart). 3 empty or rather 2 filled tanks can be piled up over each other.

Give your tank a new look   New transport tanks
Give your tank a new look
New transport tanks

Price and further seizes on request:

Franz Weber, Tel. no. +49 (0)6571/929-216, e-mail: f.weber@clemwil.de or
Frank Schmitz, Tel. no. +49 (0)6571/929-215, e-mail: f.schmitz@clemwil.de

 Intervitis 2013

More than a thousand words… You can find further pictures from the Intervitis 2013 in our gallery at www.clemens-online.com

Intervitis Gallery   Intervitis Gallery   Intervitis Gallery

 Photo competition

Send in a photo now and win a voucher for up to 500 euros. Just send us a picture in which a CLEMENS machine is shown in action to the following email address:


The pictures will be selected in 2 categories:
For further informations and the conditions of participation visit our website: www.clemens-online.com

Entry deadline: September 30, 2013.

Good luck!

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 Did you know,

that by now there are 18 vintners since the beginning of viticulture in Sweden in 2001?

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