Finger hoe

In particular for young plantations or in existing plantations with very crooked canes in which more safety from the sensor is required, the finger hoe works directly around the plant and breaks up the island (also called the shadow) to gently remove the soil and weeds directly around the vine.
Finger hoe
Finger hoe in various versions and different levels of stiffness

Due to the special rubber compound, we work gently and with low wear. Upon contact with the vine, the finger is pushed to the side, which means that it can be used with young and old vines.

NOTE: In sandy soil, the finger hoe can also be used as an individual device. This is not possible in harder conditions.

The finger hoes are available in various versions and different levels of stiffness and are driven in combination with a variety of machines for the undergrowth.

Item number Colour Stiffness Ø
KR001.000000 green hard 370 mm
KR002.000000 green hard 540 mm
KR003.000000 yellow medium 540 mm
KR004.000000 green hard 700 mm
KR005.000000 yellow medium 700 mm

Finger hoe


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